“Teradata has exceptional analytics to support any use case,” According to Report by Independent Research Firm

2023年3月27日 | SAN DIEGO

Teradata (NYSE: TDC) announced today that Forrester Research has named the company a Leader in "The Forrester Wave™: Data Management For Analytics, Q1 2023," written by principal analyst Noel Yuhanna with Aaron Katz, Dan Beaton, and Bill Nagel, March 22, 2023.

In its report, Forrester evaluated Teradata among 14 Data Management for Analytics providers and noted that:

  • Teradata has exceptional analytics to support any use case. Teradata offers advanced DMA capabilities, including in-database analytics, distributed query processing, self-service, data integration, automation, and workload management. Teradata Vantage provides the same advanced DMA processing across all deployment options, including on-premises, cloud, hybrid cloud, and multicloud. Teradata has a strong execution plan and has demonstrated commitment through customer strategies, investments, and meaningful partnerships. Teradata has the resources to deliver on its roadmap, focusing on improving automation, AI/ML, streaming data, data intelligence, and geospatial data support.

“When driving business performance, whether by predicting consumer behavior, identifying operational inefficiencies, or uncovering new revenue streams, it is essential for enterprises to leverage AI/ML at scale. Success in this area hinges on an analytics and data platform that can access and analyze massive amounts of data wherever that data sits within an organization, and regardless of where the platform is deployed – in the cloud, on multiple clouds, or across hybrid environments,” said Jacqueline Woods, Chief Marketing Officer at Teradata. “We believe Teradata’s position as a leader in Forrester’s evaluation provides a clear view of the business value of our Vantage analytics and data platform, and in particular, the unique ability of ClearScape Analytics to power end-to-end AI/ML capabilities – including enterprise feature stores, in-database analytics, ModelOps, and operationalization at scale– required to improve business performance and drive growth.”

Forrester’s market definition of data management for analytics, according to The Data Management For Analytics Landscape, Q4 2022:

  • Data management for analytics accelerates new business insights by allowing users to focus on business data rather than deal with data management complexity. This modern data architecture delivers an integrated analytical platform by leveraging various data platforms such as data lakes, data warehouses, and data objects as well as data management capabilities such as data integration, data streaming, data modeling, and data curation. It leverages in-memory compute resources and distributed data repositories, and it automates the process of integration, preparation, orchestration, and transformation by leveraging various repositories and modern data pipelines. Enterprises use data management for analytics to accelerate all kinds of insights, including customer 360, internet-of-things (IoT) analytics, data science, fraud detection, risk analytics, and other actionable insights.

Read the complete The Forrester Wave™: Data Management For Analytics, Q1 2023 report: www.teradata.com/Resources/Analyst-Reports/Forrester-Data-Management-for-Analytics


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