Teradata University for Academics at Teradata Universe 2019


Teradata is excited to host the 5th annual Analytics Challenge and Data Challenge at Teradata Universe!
The festivities start on Saturday evening with our Academic Welcome Reception at Denver Athletic Club from
5-7PM. Meet some of our talented student finalists, as well as members of the Teradata University academic community, to discuss (and get excited about) data and analytics.

Meet the teams!

On Sunday, October 20, Teradata Challenge finalists from across the globe will showcase their data and analytics talents and compete for various Teradata University awards in 3 separate sessions at the Colorado Convention Center room 203, from 1:30PM-5PM. Learn more about the teams via the Teradata Universe mobile app today and be sure to vote for your favorite team.

Voting runs from 3pm on Sunday, Oct 20, to 2pm on Monday, Oct 21.  

Our student finalists will also present their posters on Sunday 6:30–8pm, and on Monday 8–8:45am and 11am–1:30pm at Lobby A. Stop by and meet the finalists!

Come celebrate!

On Monday, October 21, 6:30–8:30pm, you’re invited to join us for the Teradata University awards reception, held at the Grand Hyatt Denver Granite Ballroom, where we will announce the winners of the Teradata University Challenges and present the Teradata University awards. Be sure to vote for your favorites on the Teradata Universe mobile app.


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