Teradata Identified as Number One Technology Leader in the Field of Big Data Analytics Providers

2017年1月19日 | SAN DIEGO

Entering 2017, Information Difference finds Teradata again leads all vendors in customer satisfaction - and a leader in market strength

Teradata (NYSE: TDC), a leading analytics solutions company, today announced that it has been named the Technology Leader in the latest Big Data Warehouse Landscape report, issued annually by The Information Difference, an international data management analyst firm. Teradata was positioned as number one in Technology, number one in Customer Satisfaction, and one of the top four in market presence, based on an evaluation of the top 25 global data warehouse vendors. The current research report shows data warehouse providers positioned in a diagram on axes across two categories; Technology and Market Strength.

“Our evaluations found that Teradata technology leads the big data global marketplace in the categories: customer satisfaction, maturity and functionality,” said Andy Hayler, chief executive officer and co-founder of The Information Difference. “Teradata’s historic market strength also continues to be robust entering 2017, which clearly correlates to their high regard among some of the largest Fortune 1,000 customers in retail, finance, online commerce, manufacturing and other industries across the world.”

Hayler noted that referenced organizations said they were more than satisfied with Teradata’s technology, services and deployment expertise, and Hayler openly congratulated Teradata in the report for having “the happiest customers” among the world’s top 25 big data vendors.

“Teradata is excited to be named the technology leader among so many well-known providers. Analytics is our passion and we are laser focused on aggressively delivering technology innovations that enable our customers to drive extraordinary business outcomes,” said Oliver Ratzesberger, Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer, Teradata. “We are even more gratified that we are named number one based on objectively analyzed criteria around functionality and maturity. These are important attributes at a time when market hype can obscure the valuable transfer of knowledge and return on investment that benefit Teradata customers.”

Directly related to Teradata’s technology innovations, in September 2016, Teradata introduced Teradata Everywhere™, an industry first that brings the world’s most powerful massively parallel processing analytic database to multiple public clouds, managed cloud, and on-premises environments including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Teradata Managed Cloud, VMware® virtualization software, and the Teradata IntelliFlex™ platform. Also new is the Teradata “Borderless Analytics” capability, made possible by the latest versions of Teradata QueryGrid™ software for analytics across heterogeneous, multi-system data stores, and Teradata Unity™ software for automated and seamless orchestration of a Teradata Hybrid Cloud environment.

In the new Big Data Landscape report, positioning for each vendor is derived from a weighted set of scores based on these factors: customer satisfaction as measured by a survey of reference customers, analyst impressions of the technology, maturity of the technology, and breadth of technology in terms of its coverage against The Information Difference functionality model.

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