Azure上的Teradata Vantage™



自助部署用户要访问在Azure上的Teradata支持需要有公共云站点ID和Teradata支持帐户。如果您已经有一个公共云网站ID和用于Azure的Teradata支持帐户,只需登录到Terradata Access,或查找您的Azure订阅ID

注意:如果您在Azure上的的Teradata Vantage(DIY)以外的其他站点上已经有Teradata支持帐户,则需要使用您现有的Teradata支持登录方式(电子邮件)注册您的Azure帐户。之后,您可以将帐户关联到一起。


Step 1: Personal information

Step 2: Azure information

Step 3: Teradata Managed Services

Examples: "Only US citizens on US soil can provide support to us,” or "Remote access to Teradata nodes for troubleshooting is not allowed.”

Step 4: Create your site ID

Create your own site ID by entering 5 to 9 alphanumeric characters which will follow the preset letters "AZRTDB". Special characters and spaces are not allowed. This field is NOT case sensitive.
Example: Bank of Smith might choose: "AZRTDBBosProd2"

Step 5: Registering additional side IDs (if needed)

Step 6: Other Teradata site IDs associated with Azure Subscription ID

Step 7: Optional: Add comments or special instructions in the space provided



即刻开始使用Azure上的Teradata Vantage