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"Built for the Cloud" vs "Built for Analytics" - You can have both with database scalability

Ed White
Ed White
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Do you think it’s more feasible to build a new database entirely from scratch, or optimize the gold-standard analytics database—with over 700 patents already baked in—to run in public cloud infrastructures?

The latest marketing hype from Snowflake is, “we are built for the cloud”. Their narrative is heavy on cloud and light on analytics. Snowflake’s basic SQL functionality limits them to providing basic reporting and descriptive analytics. Most of the benefits they tout from their “cloudiness” are based on fundamental public cloud economies of scale available to all vendors, not on any secret sauce from them.

Teradata is once again driving innovation that will change the industry. We’ve integrated advanced data science capabilities into our foundational integrated data platform, adding machine learning and graph engines, support for leading analytic languages and data science workbenches, and the ability to ingest new non-traditional data types. Our new Teradata Analytics Platform enables descriptive plus predictive and prescriptive analytics at scale to drive superior business outcomes.

The latest marketing hype from Snowflake is, “we are built for the cloud”. Their narrative is heavy on cloud and light on analytics.
We’ve optimized our software to run at scale in AWS and Microsoft Azure and in our own Teradata Cloud (watch this). That’s right, our innovative MPP architecture was designed for cloud-like database scalability before it was even called cloud. So now you can seamlessly move enterprise-class, on-premises Teradata systems into the cloud with all the benefits you expect—like pay-as-you-go pricing, fast and easy provisioning, scale-up and down elasticity, security, and automatic back-ups. A large customer quickly migrated their 300TB on-premises system to AWS with no changes to their analytic applications!

So why bet on a limited-function SQL data warehouse that locks you into a single cloud, when you can bank on the best, most scalable, and secure modern analytics platform that already powers the world’s most successful analytics. BTW—we orchestrate our software to run on-premises and in multi-cloud environments since you’ll be dealing with data gravity for a long time.

You may be thinking that Teradata is a lot more expensive than the basic cloud databases since we offer much more functionality and performance…but, surprise! We’re competitively priced and, in many scenarios, we’re even less expensive.

You don’t have to choose Cloud vs. Analytics—you can get both with database scalability from Teradata.

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Ed White – Vice President, Portfolio Marketing

Ed White is a visionary executive in Analytics and Cloud with 20+ years experience helping companies drive value from information technology.  As Vice President of Teradata Portfolio Marketing, Ed manages a team responsible for the global marketing of Teradata’s core products including Teradata Vantage, Artificial Intelligence, IntelliCloud, and IntelliFlex.  Ed has held a number of strategic management positions at Teradata over the past 20 years including General Manager of Teradata Cloud and General Manager of Teradata Appliances, along with sales management roles. Ed received his MBA from San Diego State University and resides in Carlsbad, California with his wife, three teenagers, and two dogs.

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