Dr. Duncan Irving

Dr. Duncan Irving is the Practice Partner for Oil and Gas, Analytics Business Consulting at Teradata International. Duncan co-ordinates Teradata’s oil and gas programme around upstream and midstream big data analytics and data science engagements in EMEA and APAC, cross-fertilizing with other science and engineering driven domains in the manufacturing industry verticals.

In his current role, Duncan drives value and impact in the oil and gas domain by bringing together data and analytical business silos. Duncan’s role is also based on providing petro-technical domain insight to client projects and internal developments.  Duncan drives analytical business consulting at the industrial and client levels, informing strategic messaging and engagements with key clients and ensuring that upstream subject matter expertise is applied in all aspects of an engagement from pre-sales, to sprint delivery.

With a background in academia, Duncan was a geophysicist and Head of Computing at the University of Manchester before joining Teradata in 2010. Much of Duncan’s seven years at Teradata has been spent working across client projects in reservoir monitoring, monitoring development, working across projects in drilling, production/operations and refining. Duncan also engages across the oil and gas partner landscape with service companies, as well as consultants to ensure the best team is assembled for a client engagement.

Duncan has also worked on a variety of projects, ranging from seismic to SAP, drilling data, data mining and most petro-technical domains and technologies.  He also has experience working across other manufacturing verticals where Industrial Analytics is more mature bringing useful concepts back in to Oil and Gas.

Duncan holds a PhD in geotechnical and geophysical modelling of permafrost deformation from Cardiff University and a BSc in geophysics from the University of Edinburgh. Duncan often speaks at industry events and in his spare time he enjoys running, climbing, skiing and cycling with friends and family.


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