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Brian Wood
Brian Wood
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Teradata has made great progress with our offerings on Amazon Web Services. This post is a brief update with two main sections:

If you recall, Teradata has earned the AWS Big Data Competency distinction, which supplements our Advanced Technology Partner and Advanced Consulting Partner status. We have over 140 AWS certifications and over 5,100 AWS accreditations across the company; in fact, we are #1 in Technical Accreditations and #2 in Business Accreditations out of > 20,000 APN partners! Wow!

We have General Availability of Teradata Software for AWS in virtually every commercial AWS region on the planet

Teradata Software for AWS (do-it-yourself)
We have General Availability of Teradata Software for AWS in virtually every commercial AWS region on the planet. View pricing, see more AWS information, and read FAQs about our do-it-yourself offers on the Teradata website – or go to the AWS Marketplace and see the product listings for yourself.
Teradata Database 16.20 and 15.10 with software tiers Developer, Base, Advanced, and Enterprise are available today, and Teradata IntelliSphere is an optional (paid) add-on. Subscription terms are Hourly (On-Demand) and 1-Year or 3-Year. Deployments are available up to 64 nodes.
Compute instances include the EC2 m4 family (m4.4xl, m4.10xl, m4.16xl), i2.xl, i2.8xl, d2.xl, d2.8xl, and i2.2xl for the Developer (free software) tier. No storage is included in the price of software consumed on a do-it-yourself basis; customers pay AWS directly for compute and storage consumption.
We continue to offer multiple elasticity options with Teradata Software for AWS; each is executed via command line as described in our product documentation:

  • Scale Up/Down – formerly known as “resizing”, this is the ability to change the size of a compute instance with just a restart (e.g., go from m4.4xl to m4.10xl or vice versa). Typically used for adding compute power on a temporary basis to handle an above-average load.

  • Scale Out/In – formerly known as “fold/unfold”, this is the ability to modify the number of compute instances independent of storage with just a restart (e.g., go from 2 to 4 to 8 instances and vice versa). Typically used for adding compute power on a temporary basis to handle an above-average load.

  • Stop/Start – formerly known as “hibernation”, this is the ability to turn off compute instances without affecting persistent storage, then turn them back on when needed again. Typically used for optimizing spend when the system is not required to be always on.

  • Flexible Storage Options: Customers can choose flexible storage sizes ranging from 5 TB through 60 TB per node. Customers may also grow their storage in steps of 1 TB increments at any time.

Teradata Unity is also available on AWS Marketplace.
Teradata IntelliCloud for AWS (as-a-service)
We have General Availability for Teradata IntelliCloud from AWS regions in the United States, Canada, Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom, Japan, and Australia. Contact your Teradata Account Team for more details.
Teradata Database 16.20 with software tiers Base, Advanced, and Enterprise are available. Subscription terms are 1-month, 1-year, and 3-year.
Compute instances include the m4 family of EC2 instances (m4.4xl, m4.10xl, m4.16xl). Storage per instance is included (5 TB for m4.4xl, 10 TB for m4.10xl and 20 TB for m4.16xl) and additional storage can be purchased in increments of 1 TB with a maximum limit of 60 TB per instance.
We support multiple elasticity options (as described above) via the IntelliCloud Management Console; watch the short cloud elasticity video to see them in action:

  • Scale Up/Down

  • Scale Out/In

  • Stop/Start

  • Storage Elasticity

We support AWS Direct Connect, a cloud service solution that makes it easy to establish a dedicated network connection from the customer to AWS for private connectivity. In many cases, Direct Connect can reduce network costs, increase bandwidth throughput, and provide a more consistent network experience than Internet-based connections.
AWS PrivateLink is now available as a connectivity option. AWS Private link allows customers to consume IntelliCloud securely from their Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) and can significantly reduce IntelliCloud onboarding times.
Cheers and Happy Clouding,

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