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A Renewed Focus on User Experience at Teradata

Kyle Ledbetter
Kyle Ledbetter
2019年10月15日 2 最小阅读
One of the UX walls in Teradata HQ

Nearly a year ago, the global User Experience (UX) organization revamped and revitalized with a clear goal: Radically simplify the Teradata user experience (place UX front & center in our company strategy). As a company we acknowledged that segments of our users were facing challenging experiences with little to no representation at all.

Nearly a year ago, the global User Experience (UX) organization revamped and revitalized with a clear goal: Radically simplify the Teradata user experience.
Teradata has long focused on DBAs and IT/Ops users, but much less on developers, analysts, and business users. Obviously, those users have benefited greatly from downstream partner solutions and products, but they have rarely interacted directly with Teradata (at least knowingly).

That all changes now.

The UX team has spent the last 10 months traversing the globe, sitting with customers, and feeling their pain. In the end, we found that all users want less friction and more flexibility in an analytics platform so that they can be more productive.

UX joined the global customer training

These are the groups of personas we’re researching closely:


  • API Developers
  • Application & UI Developers
  • Data Engineers


  • Business Analysts
  • Data Analysts
  • Data Scientists

Business Users

  • Executives
  • Product Owners & Business Users
  • C_O (C-Suite)

All new experiences to be announced at Teradata Universe

A sneak peak of things to come

In our flagship yearly event, Teradata Universe, you’ll get a deep dive into these all-new experiences. UX will be a prominent fixture at the Denver event, from the expo floor and user research rooms, to the big stage in a keynote address.

From Keynote to Expo Floor to Research Rooms

Join us for hands-on tests of all-new experiences for developers, analysts and business users. You’ll be delighted to find that we’re catering to these groups of users more than ever before!

关于我们 Kyle Ledbetter

With over 20 years of combined experience from open-source and the enterprise, Kyle has led UX at organizations such as eBay, MicroStrategy and Sears. Kyle has a unique perspective and skillset for delivering an array of data-centric experiences to all types of customers. Kyle and the UX Team are focused on delivering a radically simplified experience to Teradata customers and embracing all new target personas and use cases. Based in the Teradata headquarters in San Diego, Kyle leads the global UX organization spanning all geographies and encompassing a wide breadth of user research and user experience design skills.

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